The New York gallery is made up of color and black and white images portraying New York City urban life in its architectural mélange of styles, sizes and shapes. The time of day, season, or an event subtly changes the typical into the unexpected. In the interplay of light and shadow Harlem, Downtown, the East Side and Gramercy change into something new and not seen before. To notice the changes one has to love this city enough to slow down the usual rush to and from, open yourself to the incredible urban show that goes on all the time, establish the connection between the city and yourself and use the camera to freeze-stop the moment you would want to keep. This section strives to reflect an intimate relationship between the photographer and the city, showing the unexpected synergy of the artist’s romantic vision and the neo-gothic and constructivist philosophies of architecture, easily co-existing and creating a spectacle of light, color and form that we call New York.